Sunday, March 1, 2009

What did Telugu emerge from??

How did our language get the name Telugu? If you travel to Tamilnadu and say that you are from Andhra you might be asked if you speak "Telungu - తెలుంగు", why can't they just call it simply Telugu like we do? They have been callling our language this way for ever. Well and there are other scriptures that call it "Tenugu - తెనుగు".

There are several theories to say how this language has got its name Telugu. The region in which this language is spoken is primarily know for three of its very famous Shiva Temples, SriSailam, Kalahasthi and Daaksha Raamam. So this region was also know as Trilinga Desam. Trilinga Desam because of the form in which the Lord Shiva is worshiped. Hence the land that has the three great Lingas is called the "Trilinga Desam - త్రిలింగ దేశం". The people that lived in the Trilinga Desam spoke a language which came to be known as "Trilingamu - త్రిలింగము".

Trilingamu eventually Telungu and now to the way it is known "Telugu - తెలుగు".

Is goes with the argument that the people living below the south of the Vindhyas - the Dravidians were primarily Shiva devotees. One can find this in the Ramayana as well.

....Next read .. how did the region Andhra get its name?"

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